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The Professor Ludwig Von Drake TV-Scenes store display features all twelve TV-Scenes from the Ludwig Von Drake series of Disneykins. The Ludwig TV-Scenes were varied and individually themed*; each having a unique title which was supposed to explain the scene. Some titles referred to a subject of which the bungling Professor considered himself an expert ("The Astronomer," "The Ichtyologist," The Archaelogist," "The Psychiatrist"). Other labels were specifically related to the wacky Professor’s adventures as host of the TV series "The Wonderful World of Color" ("The TV Debut," "In the Office" and "The Hunter" - with includes a reference to an episode featuring Ludwig's friend, Herman the beetle). The back of each box had a descriptive story relating to the title. Many of the titles, scenes and their descriptive stories seem to make little sense, then and now.
The TV-Scene titles are as follows: (from left to right, and from top to bottom)
The Astronomer The Psychiatrist The Ichthyologist The Professor Misses
The Nearsighted Professor The Friend The TV Debut The Schoolmaster
The Archaelogist In The Dark The Hunter In The Office
The bumbling know-it-all Professor was the authority on everything. Speaking with his trademark German-American accent, there was no subject that the professor would refrain from pontificating about. A distant Uncle of Donald Duck, Ludwig was initially created to be the host of the 1961 TV series, “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.” After the series ended, Ludwig Von Drake continued to work for Disney, doing educational films, theatrical shorts and new television work.
At the time, the "Wonderful World of Color" was groundbreaking. The show was not only one of the first television series broadcast in "living" color, it served as a cross-promotional tie-in between RCA, Walt Disney Productions and the NBC-TV network. In 1961, RCA was introducing the first line of color TV sets. In addition, they owned NBC-TV -- the network that carried the 'Wonderful World of Color” TV show. In 1961, Ludwig Von Drake was essentially the spokesperson for the launch of color-TV (for an example, see the "Wonderful World of Color" themed pencil case pictured on right).
Ludwig Von Drake "Wonderful World of Color" Pencil Case
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*Note: There is only one Ludwig Von Drake Disneykin pose; the same figure was painted in varying color schemes to make it appear like there are many. The Ludwig Von Drake figure also came in a larger 60mm size. These larger figures were used in the six Professor Ludwig Von Drake Playsets. Today, when found without a box, the pointer in Ludwig's hand is usually broken.
For more on Marx Disneykins' value as a marketing device, see the previous feature: "The Use of Marx Disneykins as a Promotional Tool."
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