The "Pinocchio" Series Disneykin line was released in 1962 to coincide with the theatrical re-release of the classic 1941 film. Although the figures in this unique product line were already available, Marx was able to keep consumer interest by packaging them in strange new scenic environments, with equally strange graphics and hand-painted flats. Despite the series' brief existence, numerous packaging formats have surfaced, For more information see the listing in the Disneykins Database™.
The Pinocchio Series Figures:
(From l. to r.) Pinocchio, Figaro, Stromboli, Fowlfellow, Cleo, the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, Lampwick and Gepetto.

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The series was packaged in distinctive faux wood-grained boxes and included 9 individual boxed figures, 3 larger playset scenes, and 12 TV-Scenes. Also available was a larger "triple" playset box set and a six-in-one TV-Scene box.
The Pinocchio Triple Playset:
This large box featured all three Pinocchio Series playsets.

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The Pinocchio TV-Scenes Gift Box:
This display box featured six of the twelve distinctive Pinocchio Series TV-Scenes.

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