The Disneykings Series was released in 1961 as a larger alternative to the miniaturized Disneykins. The "Disneykings," like Disneykins, were based on the 60mm soft plastic figures from the early 1950's WALT DISNEY TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE by Marx. There were only 20 Disneykings. A similar size figure, made of a softer plastic were sold by Marx in the early 1970's as "Fun Pals."
Marx Disneykings Castle Store Display (1961):
The Disneyking figures from left to right: (Top row) Dewey, Daisy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Figaro. (Middle row) Pinocchio, Gepetto, Blue Fairy, Snow White, Dopey, Alice, Mad Hatter. (Bottom row) Bambi, Goofy, Pecos Bill, Panchito, Captain Hook, March Hare, and Pluto.
The figures were sold individually in dark blue boxes, for 29 cents each, similar to the Disneykins boxes (photos to come). A larger light blue Gift Box was also available - which included all 20 figures.

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Marx Disneykings Five-Figure Display (1961):
This unique point-of-purchase store display shows five Disneyking figures on their boxes.
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