The Robin Hood Series of Disneykins were introduced in 1973 to coincide with the release of Walt Disney's animated film, "ROBIN HOOD." The film was not only the last animated feature that Walt had any involvement with (it was in the early planning stages before his death), but also the last featuring a set of Disney figures from the Louis Marx Toy Company. Shortly before this set debuted the Marx company was sold to Quaker Oats. Although these figures are larger than Disneykins (they are "king" size) and do not bear the "Disneykins" brand name, they are considered by collectors to be the last in the Disneykin line. For more information see the listing in the Disneykins Database™.
Marx Robin Hood Series Figures:
This group product shot shows the five figures in the series. Shown from left to right are: Little John, Robin Hood, King Richard, Sir Hiss and Friar Tuck.
As far as I know these figures were only available in the playset package (shown below).

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Robin Hood figures
Marx Robin Hood Playset Box:
contained all five figures in a colorful window display box. The box bears a modernized 1970's Marx Toys logo as well as listing Marx as "A Quaker Oats Company" on the side.
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