First released in 1961, the original series of Disneykins is commonly referred to as the First Series. The 34 classic Disney character figures in this set were available in some form untill the early 1970s and the sale of the Marx company.

The series was sold in the following Marx box formats: individually boxed figures, TV-Scenes, Playsets, and a large "Gift" box set. Store Displays were also available. For more information see the listing in the Disneykins Database™.

The First Series Disneykins List:
This paper list illustrates the 34 figures that comprise the original Disneykins "First" series. It was printed on thin paper and came with all individual Disneykins packaged in the small closed boxes (see photos bottom right & left). Most individual boxes purchased today are missing this list.

The thirty four figures in the First Series are the most common Disneykins. Many of the characters from specific films were later augmented with additional cast members in the Second Series.

Click on the list on right to see a larger version.

Click here to see the original ELM Disneykin List.

The original First Series "Disneykin Castle" store display from 1961.
Note: Marx made a second 1962 version of this display with the bottom two rows transposed.

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First Series Gift Box:
This distintive yellow cardboard box contained the entire original 34 Disneykin figures. It retailed for $2.49 in 1961 and was sold at Sears and other toy stores. This item is frequently described as a store display -- which it is not.

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First Series figures & "candy" boxes (1961):
These colorful candy-like boxes retailed for 15 cents each in 1961. Each box contained a figure wrapped in one of the two thin paper Disneykins lists (shown above right). These boxes are one of three box formats used to sell individual figures
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First Series "Pink" Window Boxes on Header Card:
The "Pink" boxes were sold in four distinct header card packages, each with eight figures. The "pink" boxes are one of three box formats used to sell individual figures. Shown is Collection #2 of four packaged sets.

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First Series Store Display
The First Series Playset Store Display:
This classic store display contained the six First Series playsets. Each playset was was sold for $.98 in 1961.
Click photo above to view the larger interactive display.

Disneykins First Series TV-Scenes Store Display:

This colorful store display contained all 12 First Series TV-Scenes. Each boxed TV-Scene was was sold for $.29 in 1961.

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First Series figures & "White" boxes (1962-1968):

The "white" boxes are the third box format for single figures. They appear to have been sold from 1961 through 1968. There is also a slightly different "Canadian" style "white" box from the late 1960s.

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