Question: Does the Flubber Gallery sell on eBay?
Answer: Beginning February 20, 2009, the Flubber Gallery began listing items for sale on eBay. The eclectic items that will be available are from a variety of categories - from Marx Toys to 1960's rock music collectibles. To see whats currently for sale, click here.
Question: Where do I purchase Marx Disneykins?

Answer: the single best place on the planet to find all things Marx is on, the auction web site. Ebay is one of the few websites that really has changed the world we live in. Think of it as a large, searchable flea market. The F;lubber gallery recently began listing items for sale on eBay.

On eBay, you can either search the current auctions, or search older completed auctions to get an idea of what things recently sold for. We have been using eBay for over 5 years without a problem, and have found the sellers to be more responsive to the buyers than standard brick & mortar stores -- in most cases.

You must register with eBay to buy or sell and there are no additional charges to the buyer (besides tax or shipping). If you are not previously registered on eBay, please use the banner link below to go there and register. (Note: if you do register from my link I get a small fee which helps me support this otherwise free website).

To check what Disneykins are currently available on eBay click on this link: DISNEYKINS FOR SALE ON EBAY.

If that link didn't work, go to and select SEARCH from the top menu bar, and then select FIND ITEMS. In the SEARCH TITLE box enter "disneykin*" (note: the "*" means with or without an "s"). Make sure to check the "Search title and description" box. There are many tricks to creating great custom searches on eBay. For more information about setting up your search parameters read their Advanced Search Tips.

Other ways to locate Disneykins: You can also try your local Flea Markets, Antiques Malls, garage sales, Toy & Antique shows, or "Good Will" type stores. One never knows what's out there until you look. I hear stories all the time from readers about their great local discoveries -- many of which end up on eBay. Happy hunting!

Question: How do I find out what my figures are worth?

Answer: The best way to track going prices for comparable items is also on, the auction web site. It is a great research tool and virtual flea market. You can either search the current auctions, or search completed auctions. (Note: Completed Auctions listings only go back a few months). To check what Disneykins recently sold for on eBay click on this link: DISNEYKINS SOLD ON EBAY. You can also look at the Auction Watch section, another new feature on to get some idea of resale prices. Remember, items in the secondary market are only worth what other people are willing to pay for them.

Question: My First Series Playsets have a thick cellophane window on them while many others I have seen do not and never did. What gives?

Answer: The First Series Playsets Marx sold individually in the early 1960s (for $.98 cents) did not have a cellophane on their window opening and never did. The playsets in the secondary market nowadays which do have a cellophane window all come from First Series Playsets Store Displays (which had cellophane windows on all the playsets). This is the only way those playsets came with cellophane on their window display boxes. This same rule of thumb also holds true for the First Series TV-Scenes. After the First Series all the playsets and TV-Scenes had cellophane.

Question: My First Series figures are painted much sloppier than others I have seen and the choice of paint colors does not match the original 34 Disneykins from 1961. What's up with this?

Answer: The First Series figures Marx made actually went through a number of incarnations. The original 1961 issue figures were injection molded in the U.S. and shipped to the Far East for the painstaking task of hand-painting (not unlike the McDonald's toy figures of today hand-painted in China). These figures are marked Hong Kong and are the of the highest quality of color consistency and painting technique among Disneykins. As the 1960s went on, Disneykins continued to be produced, but not only always from the original molds or original specs. Around 1967, the main Disneykin production facilities shifted to Taiwan. At around that time it also seems that both the color palettes and quality control also shifted dramatically -- to the sloppier, less-consistent variety I call "Late-60s Disneykins." These later figures are definitely inferior in both painting and mold detailing, and are considerably less collectible than the 1961 original editions. When identifying Disneykin figures I usually indicate their vintage.

Note on the later Disneykin figures: many of the bases, which were previously left as unpainted white plastic, were painted a dark green (for grass?) on later Disneykins. These above-mentioned quality control issues also affected later Second Series figures -- specifically the ones that were still produced in the 1971 series. And as far as painting variations go, there are also Japanese Disneykins and German Disneykins among others.
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