Marx Twistables:
The Marx Twistables line was released around the same time as Marx Disneykins - 1961. Twistables were large plastic figures which featured bendable pipe-cleaner-like arms and legs, and real clothing. They are sometimes referred to as "bendies."
Twistables were sold in Individual boxes, header card bags, and themed "Gift Boxes," containing three figures. The toys were also marketed under the name "Twist Toys." Twistables proved to be so popular that the Ideal Toy Company was soon marketing their own version called "Twist-n-Pose" toys, using the then-current Hanna Barbara cartoon characters.*
Shown on right is a rare Marx Twistables store display from 1961.

For the story of how this display came to be "re-discovered" see below.

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Cover of original Marx
Twistables brochure.
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Marx Twistables
There were Twelve Twistables in the Series:
Mickey Pinocchio Brer Fox
Donald Jiminy Cricket Brer Rabbit
Goofy Gepetto Babes in Toyland Soldier (in 2 versions)
Joe Carioca March Hare Professor Ludwig Von Drake
Some Twistables came with plastic accessories. For example: Ludwig Von Drake came with glasses, a book and Herman the beetle - a Disneykin-like figure who hailed from one 1961 episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color entitled "The Hunting Instinct." The Jiminy Cricket Twistable came with a plastic umbrella, while the Babes in Toyland figure came in three variations: with either a plastic rifle, bugle, or drum.
The harder-to-find Twistables are the least-known characters - such as Joe Carioca, the March Hare, Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.
Note from Abby: I have never seen another example of the store display pictured here. This piece was acquired via eBay in two separate auctions, years apart.

The distinctive yellow cardboard sign, a rarity in itself, was purchased first (for $20). When the cardboard sign arrived it was in an old Marx Factory manila envelope (labeled "Demonstrator," which usually means store display). Buried deep in the envelope was a printed instruction sheet illustrating how to assemble a strange never-before-seen multi-tiered Marx Twistables store display.

Years later, by sheer chance, an odd painted wooden stand with Marx Twistable figures glued on it caught my attention on eBay. Because it appeared to be homemade, the bidding was much lower than it could have been. When the figure stand arrived, there was a notch on the top of the center wooden pole. The yellow cardboard Twistavles sign purchased years earlier slipped effortlessly into the notch, completing the piece. The original instruction sheet which came with the cardboard sign was my first clue that such a disply existed. (More information on Twistables will appear in future editions of

* The Ideal Toy Corporation's version of Twistables, called "Twist-n-Pose" figures, featured the following Hanna Barbera characters: Peter Potamus, Magilla Gorilla, Droop-a-long, Mushmouse, Yippee and Breezly
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to view the original
1961 Marx Twistables
promotional brochure
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