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Marx Disneykins Second Series TV-Scenes Display (1961):
The store display holds all twelve TV-Scene Boxes from the Second Series. They are from top left:
Row (from top) Scene / name Contents / figures Film / short
Row One: Chip and Dale Chip & Dale Various shorts
Piper Pig Piper Pig, barrel, wood blocks The Three Little Pigs (short)
Maleficent Maleficent, spinning wheel Sleeping Beauty
Row Two: White Rabbit and March Hare White Rabbit & March Hare Alice in Wonderland
The Lost Boys Lost Boy #1, Lost Boy #2 Peter Pan
Fiddler Pig Fiddler Pig, red tulips, mail box The Three Little Pigs (short)
Row Three: Willie the Whale Willie the Whale, basket of flower, harp The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met (short from Make Mine Music)
Aurora and Prince Charming Aurora & Prince Charming Sleeping Beauty
Uncle Scrooge Uncle Scrooge, cash register Donal Duck comics
Row Four: Practical Pig Practical Pig, hoe & cement trow, tree stump The Three Little Pigs (short)
Bongo the Bear Bongo, Jaq (from Cinderella), red circus tent Bongo The Bear (short from Fun & Fancy Free)
Cinderella Wendy & Gus, Cinderella punpkin coach Cinderella
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