1. Wart
  2. Arthur (pulling the sword from the stone )
  3. Merlin
  4. Madame Mim
  5. Sir Ector
  6. Sir Kay
  7. The Sword in the Stone
  8. The Wolf
  9. Archimedes the Owl, and fish
  10. Madame Mim as Goon
  11. Dragon

More information and additional photographs will be forthcoming on including a complete breakdown of the contents of this elusive playset.

These miniature figures were only sold as part of the larger Sword in the Stone Playset, which was marketed briefly following the initial release of the 1963 animated film THE SWORD IN THE STONE. The large boxed playset contained a castle, knights, horses, huts, trees, rocks and paper playmat and retailed in 1963 for $8.99. From the entire contents of the HO scaled playset only the castle, huts, playmat and character figures were specifically created for the set -- the remaining contents are generic Marx items. The eleven Disney character figures are extremely unique to Marx, and have become some of the most collectible Disneykin figures of all. Unpainted white versions of the figures do exist, but their origin is unknown.
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