The Babes In Toyland Series made its debut in 1961 to coincide with the theatrical release of the live-action Disney film, BABES IN TOYLAND. The film includes stop-action animation sequences of marching toys and soldiers, from which the Disneykin figures are based on. The figure set consists of only eight solders with different names. Within these eight figures, there are actually only four different soldier poses - which are each duplicated twice with different names. To make matters more confusing, the soldiers came in two distinct sizes: miniature (1.5" Disneykin-scale) and large (60mm size). Both size editions are called "Disneykins." Note: The molds for the larger 60mm soldiers are still in circulation in Hong Kong and other aprts of the world, and sometimes still appear today as cake top decorations. These "remakes" are nearly valueless to collectors. The best way to identify the knock-off is by looking on the unpainted bottom. There should be a circular Marx logo imprinted with "© 1961, Walt Disney Productions."

Indivdual Figures:

  1. Private Archibald - marching with rifle
  2. Private Trustworthy - marching with rifle
  3. Private Gallant – marching with bugle
  4. Private Chivalrous - Marching with drum
  5. Private Valiant - standing at attention with rifle
  6. Private Hooligan - standing at attention with rifle
  7. Private Fearless – marching with bugle
  8. Private Courageous - Marching with drum

Box Formats for Individual Miniature-size Figures:

  • Blue & White Striped mini "Guard House" Boxes
  • Orange blister card with one miniature figure and collector card on back.

Box Formats for Individual Large 60mm Size Figures :

  • Red & white striped larger "Guard House" boxes
  • Grey, Yellow and White rectangular closed boxes
  • Playset size grey box with six soldiers.

BABES IN TOYLAND Series TV Scenes, Miniature Disneykin soldiers only (Orange boxes – total in series unknown, probably 12):

TV-Shaped window-display boxes with one or two figures from the BABES IN TOYLAND series, and unique flats. The interiors are scenes from Toyland, a bizarre carnival-like setting.

BABES IN TOYLAND Series Playsets - Miniature Disneykin Figures (Purple Boxes - six in series):

Note: These six playsets contain 5 figures in each and they are all different. Besides the soldiers, the unique Toyland flats are considered very collectible, possibly more in demand than the soldiers.

  1. Toyland Scene with Archway - includes (from l. to r.) Bugler, bugler, drummer, marching soldier w/rifle, and soldier at attention. Flats include a yellow & green fence and a toyland train engine with engineer.
  2. Toyland Scene with Spaceport - includes (from l. to r.) Drummer. bugler, marching w/rifle, and two at attention. Flats include a toy soldier metal gun boat and a windmill.
  3. Toyland Scene with Coliseum - includes (from l. to r.) Soldier at attention, bugler, drummer, bugler and marching w/rifle. Flats include a cannon and a yellow and green wall.
  4. Toyland Scene with Ship - includes (from l. to r.) soldier marching w/rifle, drummer, bugler, bugler and soldier at attention. Flats include a toy soldier gun boat and a lighthouse.
  5. Toyland Scene with Fountain - includes (from l. to r.) Soldier at attention, bugler, drummer, marching with rifle and standing at attention. Flats include a toyland train engine with engineer and a tree.
  6. Toyland Scene with Spaceship - includes (from l. to r.) Soldier marching w/rifle, bugler, drummer, and two at attention. Flats include a cannon with cannon balls and a yellow rocket ship.

BABES IN TOYLAND Toy Soldiers Playsets - Large Size 60mm figures (Red and White striped boxes), Six in set:

These large scale BABES IN TOYLAND Toy Soldiers Playsets each have three 60mm soldiers and flats, each with a unique background. They are much harder to find than the smaller sets.

BABES IN TOYLAND Toy Soldiers Gift Box:

Large size 60mm figures in one rectangular box - includes all eight figures. Boxes outsides are printed with a grey brick wall pattern.

BABES IN TOYLAND Toy Soldiers Store Displays:

  • Playsets (all six in yellow cardboard mount)
  • Easel backed card with 4 toy soldiers and their individual red and white guard house boxes.
  • Easel backed card with 4 toy soldiers and their individual grey and white boxes.
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