Second Series "NEW DISNEYKINS" Figures:

  1. Ludwig Von Drake (from Walt Disney's The Wonderful World of Color, NBC-TV, 1961)
  2. Practical Pig (from The Three Little Pigs, 1933)
  3. Fiddler Pig (from The Three Little Pigs, 1933)
  4. Piper Pig (from The Three Little Pigs, 1933)
  5. White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  6. Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  7. March Hare (from Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  8. Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  9. Lady (standing, from Lady & The Tramp, 1955)
  10. Tramp (standing, from Lady & The Tramp, 1955)
  11. Chip (from Donald Duck shorts)
  12. Dale (from Donald Duck shorts)
  13. Stromboli (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  14. Cleo (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  15. Fowlfellow (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  16. Lampwick (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  17. Lost Boy #1 (tall with tomahawk, from Peter Pan, 1953)
  18. Lost Boy #2 (short and fat, from Peter Pan, 1953)
  19. Wendy (from Peter Pan, 1953)
  20. Smee (from Peter Pan, 1953)
  21. Willie the Whale (from the short The Whale That Wanted to Sing at the Met featured in Make Mine Music, 1946)
  22. Bongo the Bear (from the short of same name)
  23. Toby the Tortoise (from the short The Tortoise & the Hare, 1935)
  24. Uncle Scrooge (from Comic Books, created by Carl Barks)
  25. Brer Fox (from The Song of the South, 1946)
  26. Regular Clown (from Dumbo,, 1941)
  27. Fireman Clown (from Dumbo, 1941)
  28. Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  29. Sleeping Beauty (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  30. Prince Charming (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  31. Flora (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  32. Fauna (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  33. Merriweather (from Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  34. Gus (fat mouse with yellow jacket - from Cinderella, 1950)
  35. Jaq (thin mouse with red jacket - from Cinderella, 1950)
  36. Babes in Toyland Soldier at attention - just one of the four miniature soldiers sold in the Babes in Toyland Series (from the film Babes in Toyland, 1961)
  37. Flower the Skunk* (from Bambi, 1942)
  38. The Owl* (from Bambi, 1942)

*Additional figures sold only in Playsets
**Reissued in 1971in alternate version that doesn't stand.

Other Individual Figures (sometimes considered part of the Second Series):

  • Herman the Beetle -- a minor character from a 1961 episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color entitled "The Hunting Instinct," starring Ludwig Von Drake. The episode originally aired on October 22, 1961. The episode was later released in theatres in Europe. The figure of Herman was only available with the Marx Twistable (see Twistables Feature). He was found in the pocket of his jacket.

Box Formats for Individual Figures:

  • Colorful Green Candy Boxes - figures 1–34 only (Babes in Toyland Soldier and Ludwig Von Drake were sold in different boxes.
  • Blue Open-Face Display Boxes w/cellophane windows, figures 1–34 only (Babes in Toyland Soldier and Ludwig Von Drake were sold in different boxes.
  • Gift Box Set - pink cardboard box with shelves, holds figures 1–34 2nd series figures only.

Second Series "New Disneykins" TV Scenes
(Light Purple Wood Grain 3"x3" boxes – total of 12):

  1. Chip and Dale
  2. Piper Pig (with barrel and books)
  3. Maleficent (with spinning wheel)
  4. White Rabbit and March Hare
  5. Lost Boy #1 and Lost Boy #2
  6. Fiddler Pig (with flowers and mailbox)
  7. Willie The Whale (with harp and bouquet of flowers)
  8. Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty
  9. Uncle Scrooge (with cash register)
  10. Practical Pig (with hoe and stump)
  11. Bongo and Gus (with tent)
  12. Wendy (as Cinderella) and Jaq (with pumpkin coach)

Second Series "New Disneykins" Playsets
(Blue Boxes - six in set):

  1. "Alice in Wonderland" - includes White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and March Hare. Notable flats include Card Soldier, Cheshire Cat. and Hookah-smoking Catepillar.
  2. "The Three Little Pigs" - includes Practical Pig, Piper Pig, Fiddler Pig and Brer Fox (posing as The Wolf). Notable flats include mailbox and fence.
  3. "Sleeping Beauty" - includes Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Maleficent, Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. Notable flats include Sampson the horse and Queen's Goon.
  4. "Cinderella's Kitchen" - includes Wendy (as Cinderella), Gus, Jaq, and the Owl* from Bambi. Notable flats include 2 barrels, large bucket, butter churner and spinning wheel.
  5. "The Lost Boys" - includes Lost Boy #1, Lost Boy #2, Smee and Flower the Skunk* from Bambi. Notable flats include two sets of flowers, large mushrooms and treasure chest.
  6. "Lady & The Tramp" - includes Lady (standing), Tramp (standing), Regular Clown and Fireman Clown. Notable flats include fence, tree and chair.

Known Store Displays - Second Series:

  • Playsets (all six in colorful cardboard mount)
  • TV-Scenes (all 12 in colorful cardboard holder)
  • Easel backed card with 5 second series figures and their boxes.

Other Packaging (Second Series):

  • Disneykin Alphabet Figures - these packaged additions to the line featured a large plastic letter with a Disneykin figure glued to the top. The actual name on the header cards read "Walt Disney's ALPHABET with Disneykin by Marx." The Fowlfellow figure was glued to an an "F," Willie the Whale was glued to a "W," Ludwig Von Drake was glued to an "L" etc... These Marx Alphabet figures included both First and Second series figures and were sold in header card bags. They are hard to find.
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