First Series Figures:

  1. Mickey Mouse (from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  2. Minnie Mouse (Mickey's girlfriend, from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  3. Monty (Mickey's nephew, from shorts)
  4. Donald Duck (from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  5. Daisy Duck (Donald's girlfriend, from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  6. Huey (Donald's nephew, from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  7. Pluto (Mickey's dog, from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  8. Goofy (from theatrical shorts, comics, television, etc.)
  9. Captain Hook (from Peter Pan, 1953)
  10. Peter Pan (from Peter Pan, 1953)
  11. Tinkerbelle (from Peter Pan, 1953)
  12. Joe Carioca (from The Three Cabelleros,1945 and Saludos Amigos, 1943)
  13. Panchito (from The Three Cabelleros, 1945 and Saludos Amigos, 1943)
  14. Brer Rabbit (from The Song of the South, 1946)
  15. Pinocchio (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  16. Gepetto (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  17. Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  18. Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  19. Figaro (from Pinocchio, 1940)
  20. Bambi (from Bambi, 1942)
  21. Thumper (from Bambi, 1942)
  22. Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  23. Dumbo (from Dumbo, 1941)
  24. Timothy (from Dumbo, 1941
  25. Ringmaster (from Dumbo, 1941)
  26. Snow White (from Snow White, 1937)
  27. Bashful (from Snow White, 1937)
  28. Doc (from Snow White, 1937)
  29. Happy (from Snow White, 1937)
  30. Dopey (from Snow White, 1937)
  31. Grumpy (from Snow White, 1937)
  32. Sleepy (from Snow White, 1937)
  33. Sneezy (from Snow White, 1937)
  34. Pecos Bill (from Melody Time, 1947)

Box Formats for Individual Figures:

  • Colorful Yellow & Blue Candy Boxes - all 34 figures
  • White Individual Boxes - all 34 Fugures
  • Pink Open Face Boxes - 32 Figures sold on cards in 4 sets of eight
  • Gift Box Set - yellow cardboard box with shelves, holds all 34 First series figures.

First Series TV Scenes (Blue Wood Grain 3"x3" boxes – total of 12):

  1. Mickey with tree
  2. Minnie with refrigerator
  3. Donald on pier
  4. Daisy at dress shop
  5. Pluto with campfire
  6. Goofy with table and axe
  7. Snow White with table and dish
  8. Dopey with two beds
  9. Pinocchio in front of shop
  10. Alice with doghouse
  11. Dumbo on circus stand
  12. Bambi with tree

Note: Occasionally first series TV-scenes turn up with two figures in them

First Series Playsets (Grey Boxes - six in set)

  1. "Mickey Mouse and Friends" - includes Mickey, Minnie, Monty, Pluto and Peter Pan. Notable flats include: fence post, doghouse and mushroom tree.
  2. "Donald Duck and Friends on Pier" - includes Donald, Daisy, Huey, Goofy and Captain Hook. Notable flats include: 2 pieces of luggage, barrel, tie-up posts, rope and boat.
  3. "Dumbo's Circus" - includes Dumbo, Timothy, Ringmaster, Alice, Bambi, & Tinkerbelle Notable flats include: stools, Dumbo's circus stand, and circus wagon.
  4. "Gepetto's Shop" - inclds. Pinocchio, Figaro, Gepetto, Blue Fairy & Jiminy Cricket. Notable flats include: bed, table and chairs and fireplace.
  5. "Panchito's Western Scene" - inclds. Panchito, Joe Carioca, Pecos Bill, Thumper & Brer Rabbit. Notable flats include:. water pump, steer skull, and fence post.
  6. "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" - includes Snow White, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy. Notable flats include: bed, table and chairs and fireplace.

Note: Occasionally first series playsets turn up with other or additional figures in them.

Known Store Displays - First Series:

  • Playsets Store Display (all six in yellow cardboard mount)
  • TV-Scenes Store Display (all 12 in blue cardboard holder)
  • Easel-backed Display Card with 5 first series figures and their boxes (marked ELM)
  • Disneykin Castle Store Display - two versions exist, earlier one has paler blue sky and Dumbo on bottom row.

Other Packaging (First series):

  • TV-Scenes Gift Box (blue box with six TV-Scenes in one)
  • Triple Playsets - two large grey boxes with threee different playsets in each
  • Disneykins on Shelves - two sets with 18 first series Disneykins and plastic Marx shelf units. Two versions were available in varying color plastic - a Rectangular Shelf or a Corner Shelf Unit.
  • Disneyland Postcards with Disneykins - a series of postcards promoting Disneyland were sold at Disneyland with a first series Disneykin in a plastic blister bubble. (Similar to the TV-Tinykins Postcards from 1962).
  • Walt Disney World Announcement Cards - to celebrate the 1971 opening of the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a promotional series of greeting cards were sent out which included a plastic blister bubble with a first series Disneykin inside. (Photo coming soon).
  • Disneykin Alphabet Figures - these packaged additions to the line featured a large plastic letter with a Disneykin figure glued to the top. The actual name on the header cards read "Walt Disney's ALPHABET with Disneykin by Marx." The Mickey Alphabet has an "M," Bambi was glued to a "B," Figaro was glued to an "F," etc... hese Marx Alphabet figures included both First and Second series figures and were sold in header card bags. They are hard to find.

Other Large Packaging (First series):

  • Marx Disneykin Dreamhouse Playset - one of the more bizarre of the later playsets, this set featured an intricate two-story Cape Cod-styled suburban house, made of see-through plastic, complete with two cars, Disneykins, and all modern conveniences -- including a 60s-era kitchen, gaudy dining room and living room sets, title="Click for Database" a console TV, carpeting, bedrooms, pool , outdoor furniture, landscaping, and even a bathroom. The Disneykins included with this set were all F es figures.
  • Marx "See & Play" Disneykin Castle Playset - a large boxed playset with a clear plastic castle with working drawbridge, turrets and flags. Included a playmet, smaller houses, trees, rocks, shrubs, and Disneykins. The included figures were First Series.figures with the addition of the Sleeping Beauty set of six.
  • Marx "See & Play" Disneykin Farm Set - a remake of Marx Miniature HO scale Farm Set, this rare playset included farm buildings, a playmat, animals and Disneykins. he Disneykins included with this set were all First Se res. (Very hard to find)
  • Marx "See & Play" Disneykin Gas Station Playset - a rare late 1960s Marx offering which included a clear plastic gas station, playmat, cars and Disneykins. he Disneykins included with this set were all First Series. (Very hard to find).
  • Marx "Disney on Parade" Circus Playset - sold only by JC Penney in the late 1960s/early 1970s, this unique playset was a combination of the larger early-1950s MARX SUPER CIRCUS playset, and the Disneykins line. The SUPER CIRCUS playset hails from the early 1950s and was based on then-popular weekly television series "Mary Harman's Super Circus." The set includes unique figures, assorted plastic props and cardboard items, which included a three ring circus, flags, banners and a circus tent. The Disneykins were mostly from the First Series with the addition of the Sleeping Beauty set. The playset also included hand-painted figures based upon the larger SUPER CIRCUS figures - such as the ringmaster, animals, clowns and other performers - including Mary Harman. The box was basically a plain white box with DISNEY ON PARADE on the cover.

A note about ELM Packaging (First Series):

In the years following World War II it was not that easy to set up factories and get contracts for importing goods into the U.S from British Hong Kong and other parts of the Far East. In the 1950s, the Louis Marx Company set up a separate division for just that purpose and called it ELM -- which stands for Empire Louis Marx. ELM set up the first manufacturing and hand-painting facilities in British Hong Kong (hence the word Empire for British Empire -- or Marx Empire.) In actuality, because of Louis Marx's friendship with then-President Eisenhower, Marx was able to get import and tariff laws changed -- to his and his company's direct benefit -- and subsequently by the early 1960s the Marx name appeared on all imported items instead of ELM. (Note: with the exception of items from LineMar, which w apan-based tin toy division, and JayMar, which produced paper goods and puzzles.

The manufacuring process in the 1950s worked as follows: the Disneykin figures were injection-molded in the U.S.A., probably at the Glendale, West Virginia Marx Plant, and then sent to Hong Kong to be handpainted and packaged. They were then re-imported into the U.S. The hand-painting process was one of the most expensive procedures in the whole process. (Even today most figures are hand-painted in the Far East, now in China). In the later Disneykin years, the figures were completely pr rom second-generation molds in the other parts of the Far East, such as Taiwan.

The first versions of Disneykins that arrived in the U.S. were marked ELM (not Marx) and were called Elegant Miniatures. The Elegant Miniatures brand name was used on many products by Marx, from miniature cars to animals, soldiers and other e hand-painted cartoon toys such as Fun-On-Wheels and the Miniature Disney Cars.

There is no difference between ELM Disneykins and MARX Disneykins, with the exception of the packaging and product name. Many collectors prefer to have toys marked MARX, not ELM. Some don't really have preference. In many cases, such as with early store displays, one does not have a choice... they are all ELM. One good thing about the ELM-branded products is that they are almost guaranteed to be first edition figures -- not late-1960s' Taiwan-produced, second generation products.

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