"DisneyKids" remain an enigma in the Disneykin collecting world. It is not known why or when these even-smaller Disneykins were produced – and no official product paperwork or packaging has come to light either. It is assumed that they first appeared in the early 1960s, around the same time as their slightly larger Second Series Disneykin counterparts. Even the name "DisneyKids" is assumed; collectors had to call them something to differentiate them from their larger cousins.

"DisneyKids" were perfectly scaled down, highly-detailed miniatures of the already-small Disneykin figures. Each "DisneyKid" is are about one-third the size of its counterpart, in exactly the same poses and paint detail. They are not Disneykin figures that shrunk from being overexposed to heat, or factory "abnormalities."

A longtime Marx dealer once claimed to have seen an early 1960s Marx product listing referring to these mini-miniatures as simply "Tinykins." Regardless of the sketchly lineage, the moniker "DisneyKids" has stuck.*

Following is a complete list of the 24 "DisneyKids" courtesy of Bob D'Angelo. In addition to these Disneykin miniatures, Bob has also come across 20 miniature Fairykin figures ("FairyKids" anyone?).

"DisneyKid" Figures:

  1. White Rabbit
  2. March Hare
  3. Mad Hatter
  4. Queen of Hearts
  5. Wendy
  6. Smee
  7. Lady
  8. Tramp
  9. Toby Tortoise
  10. Flower the skunk
  11. Gus
  12. Jaq
  13. Bongo the bear
  14. Uncle Scrooge
  15. Willie the Whale
  16. Stromboli
  17. Fowlfellow
  18. Lampwick
  19. Brer Fox
  20. Regular Clown
  21. Fireman Clown
  22. Fifer Pig
  23. Fiddler Pig
  24. Practical Pig

* In 1971, Marx Toys produced an obscure line of hand painted six inch figures called Disney Kids. They were an offshoot of the then-successful Disney six inch figure lineup. But unlike the six inch solid colored figures, the Disney Kids were molded in a heavier white hard plastic and hand-painted by artists. There were four Disney Kids: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy. They appear in exactly the same poses and sizes as the more common six inch figures. (Note: there were 12 figures in the solid colored line, soon to be featured on Disneykins.com.)

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